One of the best nootropics for increasing synaptic plasticity by making it easier for your neurons to form new connections. It is chiefly involved in Long Term Potentiation which is the process by which memories are created and stored in the brain. When low levels of Uridine are present in the brain, it can impair memory formation and lead to a decline in synaptic plasticity. There are also studies that show it might work with Omega 3 fatty acids to promote anti­depressant effects. Uridine also helps to increase the level of Dopamine in the brain. This is a key neurotransmitter that affects mood and motivation and is involved in the pleasure center of the brain. The benefits that you can achieve when supplementing with Uridine are quite extensive and meaningful. This includes helping to improve working memory and fluid intelligence, slowing down the process of brain aging, and fighting off depression. This supplement can also help to improve your mood and overall motivation levels. This includes working to reduce stress, anxiety, and even OCD symptoms.



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