NOÖ Testimonals

NOÖ NECTAR helps me get out of my head and gives me the energy and focus I need to achieve my life, work, and fun balance.

Dani Bald Bruni, Entrepreneur, Creative and Visual Designer, and Lover of Life

I'm more productive with enough energy at the end of the day to cook dinner with passion or take the kids to the park. I sleep easier knowing that my daily checklist has been completed with ease and I still have time for myself.

Marcella Williams, Small Business Owner, Mother of 3, Outdoor Enthusiast

I had never heard of nootropics but now I'm a fan of @noonectar. I'm up for anything that will give me more energy and make my brain work better. Besides a girl can only drink so much coffee.

Janette Bunch Bryne, Manifestor, Motivator, and Mom

When something changes how you feel and operate and it truly works, you commit fully to it. I started with a 10 pack trial and NOÖ NECTAR is now a part of my daily routine. With work, studying, marriage, kids, a house, life etc I found myself struggling...I was always used to drinking caffeine heavy concoctions so this appealed to me. After 2 weeks in, I'm feeling it and this is now essential. 

Curtis Coker, IT Consultant, Super Dad, and Passionate Fish Collector

After consistently feeling sluggish everyday I needed to find a spark. Working out and diet changes were not cutting it... My what a difference NOÖ NECTAR was. Up at 6 am to walk the dog. Kickboxing by noon, then off to the gym for some more weights, all while still having enough focus and all the energy and focus to get all the work I need to done throughout the day. 

Tony Serrano, Pyrotechnician, IATSE Local 720 Member, and Weekend Warrior

I like how it shifts awareness and experience up a notch. I have plenty of energy but I'm not wired. It's steady.

Cheryl Moss, Banker, Non-Profit Founder, and Animal Lover