Pterostilbene is a natural supplement that is said to improve brainpower and memory, protect against aging, reduce signs of inflammation and improve energy metabolism and hormone balance. Very similar to Resveratrol, Pterostilbene is a plant-derived chemical which fights major causes of age-related cognitive decline, including free radical damage. It also contributes to healthy mental function by improving vascular health and regulating the loss of dopamine. While some people assume that decline in our vascular health, nervous system, and tissue integrity is an unavoidable consequence of aging, this is not the case. As a powerful anti-oxidant, Pterostilbene destroys free radicals (oxygen-damaged molecules) which are responsible for cellular degeneration. Not only is it safe to add Pterostilbene to many other supplements, but its effects can actually be greatly enhanced by stacking it. In particular, Pterostilbene’s anti-inflammatory effects go very well with any nootropic supplements which enhance neuroplasticity. In addition to the long term cognitive benefits that Pterostilbene provides by enhancing neuroplasticity, it also has several short-term benefits. Pterostilbene regulates the loss of dopamine, making sure there is enough of this neurotransmitter which is involved in mood, attentional control, motivation and feelings of pleasure.


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