Phenylethylamine is a natural chemical found in the body that you might not know first and foremost as a nootropic. It is commonly referred to as the Love Drug and is famous for being the component in chocolate that makes cocoa so appealing. This dopamine-boosting supplement is considered to be a powerful focus and concentration promoter, able to counteract signs of depression and anxiety. It is also said to increase productivity and mental drive, motivating your way to better mental performance. This supplement is also best known for its roles in the process of infatuation and sexual desire/drive. During these times, Phenylethylamine causes the release of even greater amounts of the above neurotransmitters. Dopamine is connected to sexual drive, feelings of pleasure, and the brain’s reward system. Whatever the truth behind all of this, it certainly does help to elevate the mood and may even mimic the brain chemistry of someone who is in love. The major benefits of this compound are mood enhancement and an overall feeling of wellbeing. Due to the increase of these neurotransmitters it is possible that many users will experience a type of natural ‘high’ that is very pleasurable. You may also see a slight elevation in blood pressure and heart rate, similar to when you are falling in love.



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