Panax Ginseng

An article published in the Journal of Psychopharmacy in 2005 found that using Ginseng supplements can improve mental performance in tasks that required long periods of high level cognitive function. The primary benefit of Ginseng is as a whole-body health booster. It is also responsible for helping to repair and boost the immune system. As an adaptogen, this supplement can enable the body to adapt to and limit damage from changes or stressors in the environment. Ginseng is also thought to work as a powerful anti-oxidant. Ginseng actually helps the body to rid itself from these damaging free radicals, along with other toxins and poisons. This also reduces inflammation in your cells, which is thought to be a root cause of many issues. Another well-known and sought after benefit of Ginseng is cognitive enhancement. It has been known to increase both working and spatial memory and to protect against memory deficits. Using Panax Ginseng can lead to improvements in concentration, focus, and thinking in general. Studies also indicate the supplement may help to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation in healthy adults. Furthermore, Ginseng may be beneficial for weight control.


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