Octopamine HCL

Octopamine HCL is commonly used as an energy and wakefulness booster, as well as an effective weight loss aid. Octopamine HCL. Octopamine HCL is found naturally in the Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium) plant among other natural amphetamine-like chemicals like synephrine and N-methyltyramine. Because of Octopamine HCL’s chemical similarities to norepinephrine (noradrenaline), users can anticipate effects similar to those of norepinephrine. These can include an increase in the rate of your heart beat, increased metabolism, better release of glucose for energy use, as well as an increase in the overall blood flow to skeletal muscles. Besides boosting metabolism, Octopamine HCL provides a more natural version of Adderall’s weight loss effects due to its ability to affect blood sugar levels in a positive way. By doing this, it prohibits the body from storing as much fat. In some way, this is similar to eating a low-carbohydrate diet. Eating a diet low in carbohydrates causes us to store less fat. This is because our insulin levels become more balanced with fewer carbohydrates. Insulin is the carrier hormone in our body and it is required in order for us store fat. By improving our insulin levels, our ability to store fat decreases. For an energy boost, Octopamine HCL provides a light stimulant effect without any of the adverse physical side effects of agitation or jitters. Octopamine HCL is considered unique among other energy boosters because it appears to not develop tolerance when used over an extended period of time. This is significant because most fat-burning supplements tend to build tolerance somewhat quickly and are no longer effective, or as effective after an initial period of use. Some have also said that Octopamine is effective for boosting concentration and focus, allowing you to study for long periods of time or work late into the night. As discussed earlier, this supplement has been shown to increase the body’s metabolism causing more calories to be burned. As it increases the metabolic rate, it also increases the rate of breakdown of stored fat (sometimes referred to as lipolysis) in our bodies. This process supports insulin secretion and sensitivity. Octopamine HCL is commonly used by bodybuilders and athletes because it has been suggested that it may prevent the breakdown of protein for energy. If this is accurate, then it would prevent muscle loss even while dieting. This may lead to successful fat loss without compromising muscle tissue. Octopamine HCL is able to target and activate only the beta3 receptors, leaving the other receptors unaffected. This increases the body’s ability to burn fat significantly and makes Octopamine a unique supplement. It is used primarily for increased energy and wakefulness, and as an adjunct for weight loss.


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