Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE)

An organic compound that is naturally produced in the human brain as well as being found in food sources like fish (anchovies, salmon, and sardines). There are numerous benefits that have been associated with DMAE supplementation. This includes improved emotional states, greater energy levels and alertness. This is perhaps due to the enhanced efficiency of nerve cells within the brain to communicate with one another. Using DMAE or Deanol has also been reported to cause sensations of calmness and a reduction in stress and anxiety levels. Another interesting and fairly unique benefit of DMAE is for inducing the state known as lucid dreaming. When lucid dreaming, you are aware that you are actually dreaming and can control the actions which happen within the dream itself. DMAE is also known to improve skin tone and firmness, in addition to offering a number of anti­aging benefits. DMAE is actually used in many different types of skin care products. It will help your skin to look younger and free of blemishes while reducing inflammation.


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