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Complete brain nutrition with over 20 scientifically-proven ingredients in a 1.7oz daily shot to help you be at your best in everything you do.

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Feed Your Brain.

NOÖ NECTAR provides the building blocks that help your brain operate at its most powerful.
Just like your body needs the right nutrition to function at its best – so does your brain. By providing your brain the right ingredients, you can elevate your daily performance and ultimately unleash your potential.

A NOÖ Way. A Better Way

NOÖ Leadership Team (from left-to-right) - Dario Herrera, Josh Walters & David Walters


When we created NOÖ Nectar, we set out to create something to help you live your best life… to help you reach your personal potential and design life the way you want it - free of imagined limitations and others’ expectations. And we definitely had zero interest in creating another “me too” product.

We looked at what was available on the market and just didn’t see complete brain nutrition that was easy to use, included a comprehensive blend of brain nourishing ingredients, and provided the building blocks for your body to optimize and generate the key chemical messengers that drive your brain and body’s performance.

We knew we could do better. Josh Walters — Principal Founder and NOÖ Stack formulator — did the research, reviewed the best available neuroscience studies, sourced the highest quality available nootropic ingredients, and experimented with his own stacks for nearly 8 years. After literally hundreds of formulations and years of trial and error, NOÖ NECTAR was born.

The result? The NOÖ Difference. A Stack that is easy to use (one 1.7oz shot daily), comprehensive (over 20 natural, nootropic rich ingredients ), and designed to optimize all 4 of your key productivity neurotransmitters.

And we’re only just beginning. We never cease to be amazed by the power of the brain and how it works. We continue to be deeply committed to learning how to serve you better and sharing what we learn with you. We humbly invite you to be a meaningful part of the amazing community and NOÖ Way of Life we are building.





NOÖ NECTAR provides the building blocks your brain needs to help you unleash your potential. You’ll feel sustained energy, experience increased productivity and functional intelligence, tap into your personal innovation and creativity, enjoy greater happiness levels, and benefit from enhanced physical performance – all with no caffeine, no harmful stimulants or chemicals, no crash, no dependency, no side effects, and no artificial sweeteners.

Noo Ingredents


Go from surviving to thriving — and start living the big, beautiful life you always imagined. Feeding your brain the right ingredients will unlock your brain’s power and help you perform at your highest levels – whether you’re preparing for a big presentation, studying for exams, balancing your work and home life, looking to improve your physical performance, or trying to reconnect with your creativity and passions.

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The NOÖ Stack is a blend of over 20 nootropic rich, bio-available ingredients — all plant based or derived from amino acids naturally occurring in your body — that work together to optimize your brain’s key chemical messengers (“neurotransmitters”) needed for optimal performance: Dopamine, Acetylcholine, Epinephrine, Norepinephrine.

The NOÖ Stack NOÖ Experience Start Your Trial


You have a lot on your proverbial plate. You’re busy changing the world. Or working on improving yourself. Or just trying to squeeze in as much as you possibly can out of every minute. So we did years and years of work to keep it easy for you. The result? One 1.7oz drinkable shot daily when you wake up to receive all the benefits of the rich nootropic ingredients in the NOÖ Stack.

We also understand that everyone’s needs are different. We don’t believe in a one size fits all model. We believe in a one size fits one approach – so we’ve created options that work for you depending on where you are in your journey.


When we tasted the first sample it was bitter. Really bitter. We added natural berry flavors, organic raw agave nectar, organic stevia, and organic erythritol to the rich nootropic ingredients in our NOÖ Stack. The flavor improved substantially but we were still stressed and thought about adding even more stuff to make it taste better. And then we remembered we didn’t create NOÖ NECTAR to taste great. We created it be functional, to provide your brain with the proper nutrition, and to help people live better lives. And it does that. Really, really well.

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